Oliver Heldens Makes Cameo In New FISSA Movie

Oliver Heldens Makes Cameo In New FISSA Movie

Last week we reported on the monster new collaboration between Oliver Heldens & Throttle, and now we have more information about what is sure to be one of the best collaborations the artists have ever done. Although we were only treated to a low quality teaser last week, this time we have even more exciting news – the track is featured in the upcoming FISSA movie.

The FISSA movie, a Dutch production due out early 2016, features Oliver Heldens and Throttle’sI’ve Been Waiting” collaboration as well as a cameo from Oliver himself.

Beginning at 1:40 in the trailer, the collaboration and cameo came as a surprise and explains why the artists went so big with their collaboration. All we can say is that we are beyond excited for “I’ve Been Waiting” to finally be released and you can be sure to hear it throughout the entire festival circuit of 2016.

Check out the FISSA trailer below: