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Pharrell join Stevie Wonder’s Daft Punk cover at Global Citizen

Game recognize game.

This past weekend Global Citizen fest commenced in New York’s Central Park, drawing nearly 60,000 attendees all focused on advancing the political discourse around global human rights. Led by a lineup of major starpower that included Big Sean, The Chainsmokers, Alessia Cara, and The Killers among others in 2017, the festival has paired some of the top names in contemporary music together since it’s establishment in 2012. This year’s event brought Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder together on stage for a welcomed follow up to their 2014 Grammys performance, paying homage to Daft Punk with a funky live rendition of the Robots’ comeback hit “Get Lucky.”

The pair had previously performed the track together with the French duo, though for their Global Citizens reunion, Pharrell accompanied Wonder on an extended medley of tunes that included Pharrell‘s “Happy” and Wonder’s 1972 hit “Superstition.” Stevie Wonder‘s Global Citizen’s performance was not complete without a message of his own too, as he took a knee in solidarity with any of the athletes who’s peaceful protests took the same form over the weekend.

Protests aside, watching these legends pay tribute to Daft Punk in Central Park made for a top highlight at the end of this year’s summer festival circuit.

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