Producer and Singer-Songwriter WHIPPED CREAM Ushers in New Musical and Personal Era with “Lost My Way” on Monstercat

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“Lost My Way” Music Video Shot in WHIPPED CREAM’s Hometown

November 3rd, 2023 — What was lost – has been rediscovered. Following a brief absence from the scene (punctuated by a mysterious series of “LOST” posters posted around North America), WHIPPED CREAM returns today with the single “Lost My Way” on Monstercat. The single is a manifestation of WHIPPED CREAM’s growing confidence in her true self, relying on her inner strength and parting ways with the circumstances that no longer serve her artistry. “Lost My Way” is a powerful departure from her sound and aesthetic – notably, shedding the iconic white suit she donned throughout her ‘Someone You Can Count On’ EP era – and promises an inspiring evolution of her personal and musical journey. 

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WHIPPED CREAM invites listeners to explore the emotions that have shaped her, heard on the new record. Exploring her vocal range WHIPPED CREAM commands “Lost My Way” with her ethereal melody, showcasing an angelic voice that demonstrates her artistry beyond production. The single reverberates cinematically, injected with captivating beats and an enlivening Jersey-fueled bassline that not only speaks to the meaning behind the lyrics, but also captures the essence of her profound journey and self-discovery. 

WHIPPED CREAM shares“Losing the suit symbolizes embracing the unknown and embarking on a fresh start, while having the confidence to leave behind past experiences with a genuine belief in new opportunities. It entails placing trust in the universal forces to guide you towards what is truly beneficial, rather than clinging to what doesn’t align with your inner sense of purpose and well-being.”

Recognized as a genre-bending artist whose sound transcends stylistic borders, as coined by Forbes, WHIPPED CREAM has charted an astonishing path with her production skills, spanning genres from hip-hop to electronic. From working with artists like LattoLil XanLil Keed, and gaining official remixes from respected tastemakers like Destructo and Hermitude, her legacy has left an undeniable mark in the music scene. Fully cemented as a Monstercat mainstay with notable tracks like “Light of Mine” with Jimorrow and “CRY,” her journey has been nothing less than meteoric. She’s packed out stages at renowned festivals and venues like CoachellaLollapaloozaEDC Las VegasTomorrowlandULTRARed RocksMonstercat CompoundThe Gorge Amphitheatre, and many more. She just wrapped up her first headline tour, where she took to venues such as Meow Wolf Denver and Santa Fe, Stereo Live Dallas and Houston, Lot 613 in Los Angeles, Union Hall in Edmonton, AB, and others. 

The beginning of 2023 saw her take the cover of DJ Mag, where she honed in on her ‘Someone You Can Count On’ EP. Featured on the package is the operatic single “The Dark” with Jasiah and Crimson Child that arrived with the innovative music video and novel mixed-reality project developed in Canada’s first volumetric capture facility, produced by Departure Lounge and directed by Will Selviz. This marked the world’s highest-resolution volumetric VR music experience at the time, which fueled a prestigious BOLD Award win at Canadian Independent Music Association Awards.

Today, “Lost My Way” arrives with a music video that stunningly portrays the expedition of her upcoming era. Viewers will watch her drown the ‘Someone You Can Count On’ suit and emerge from the water cleansed, ready to take on the next chapter of her life. “Lost My Way” serves as the bridge between ‘Someone You Can Count On’ and her awaited next chapter, leaving fans in anticipation.


Self-dedication is WHIPPED CREAM’s guiding light, and it’s led her to tens of millions of streams, performances at Coachella and Red Rocks, and writing collaborations with some of the biggest names in the business, but all of it would mean nothing if it didn’t bring her to the place she sits now, confident in her power and her truth.

WHIPPED CREAM first learned to express herself with music as a competitive ice skater. Her skills were formidable and her future looked bright, until a sudden and permanent ankle injury forced her to give it up. As fate would have it, this only opened the door for her true calling.

She stumbled upon an artist named Active Child at a local music festival, and his ghostly mix of ethereal vocals, emotional melodies and punching rhythms sparked a fire in her soul that told her music was her future. The teenager buried herself in her room and spent the next two years pouring over production software, blending her love for bittersweet atmospheres with hard-hitting percussion.

Inspired by Jersey Club icons DJ Sliink, Uniiqu3, Baauer and others, she posted her own Club-influenced tunes to Soundcloud. Her remix of Ella Eyre’s “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off” went viral, amassing 31 million views on YouTube to date, and she took full advantage of the situation by applying for a U.S. performance visa, booking her own show at a  Los Angeles’ taste-maker club. 

“I got to learn what it’s like to be in big studios and work with people with Grammys, and what I learned from being in the room with everyone was how to trust myself,” she says. “People can and will quit on you. They will tell you things that are just not the truth, and they’re going to sell you a dream and deliver quite the opposite.”

As her career brought her to bigger lineups and brighter stages, her personal life pulled her psyche into lonelier corners. Moments she should have celebrated were tarnished with tears and shadows, but all those trials led to moments of deep personal reflection, and those feelings found their form on Someone You Can Count On’s seven songs.

“This whole project was an incredibly healing force that I’m still working on,” she says. “It was something I needed to release—like a higher thing.”

The flood gates opened as the rest of the EP came to life, and a strong narrative of inner power took shape. From the operatic musicality of “The Dark” with Jasiah and Crimson Child, to the anthemic chords of “Angels,” the industrial minimalism of “Be Here (La La La)” with The Duchess, and the haunting bounce of “Rewind.. (But I Love You), Someone You Can Count On explores the complex battle between gaslighting storytellers and a self-protecting protagonist. 

“I definitely feel I’m coming into my actual self,” she says. “People I’ve looked up to, they’re coming out of the woodwork in weird, random places, and I’m like, ‘this has got to be a sign that I’m on the right path.’ I’m not on the safe path. I don’t have a big pop hit, but things are starting to formulate in really cool ways. I’d rather make my money doing it the way I want than to do it with a song I hate. I can just do my best to keep doing it my way, as long as I can.”


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