Qlimax is an experience that every dedicated electronic music follower has to experience in their lifetime. Worldwide, the European-born hardstyle genre has been spreading faster and faster, with massive parties appearing in the Americas, Asia, and Australia. Qlimax is the yearly hardstyle showcase produced by Q-dance, which has been going strong since the year 2000. The Q-dance team worked closely with artists to develop hardstyle into what it is today, powered by an incredibly dedicated fan-base that has grown beyond belief over the past 15 years.

As opposed to Q-dance’s biggest festival, Defqon.1, Qlimax remains capped by the size of the GelreDome, creating a massive, yet intimate experience. Every year, Qlimax sells out the whole arena before the lineup is even announced, and every year, they surprise their fans with a new concept.

This year’s concept, Equilibrium, is about balance. Q-dance’s events embody a balance of the crowd, the production, and the music. The lineup progressed through a wide spectrum of harder styles, from early reverse bass & oldschool hardstyle to euphoric, raw, and hardcore sets. Every artist represented their sound, and had the entire arena going absolutely insane. Throughout the entire night, the sea of people partying went nonstop, until the arena emptied out at 7 in the morning.

The stage was a moving spectacle of light and imagery. Behind the colossal moving structure of lasers and lights of all shapes & colours was an IMAX sized screen projecting imagery. With a single flash, the entire arena was transformed from a mountainous skyline to a flight through space.

Shapes suspended from the ceiling and changed into different forms, shooting fireworks and showing off Qlimax’s iconic symbol. The movement of the lights and lasers add to the environment, creating a fully dynamic space for Qlimax’ visitors. They tell a full story throughout the night, taking the crowd from place to place, as the music progresses and changes over the course of the night.

The dynamic party environment was a completely different experience every few moments, as the stage moved and the surroundings were redesigned. This, accompanied with the best Hardstyle tracks of the year (and classics) and the dedicated crowd made for a truly unforgettable experience.

The crowd at Qlimax stands out from the crowd at many other dance events. It’s obvious they are primarily there for the music & culture of the party – 27,500 friends united through music, singing songs together, wearing music gear and having the time of their lives. There’s a Dutch world which can’t be translated into English literally – “Gezellig”. The closest word in English is “cozy” – however Gezellig is used to describe a friendly & fun environment which gives everyone a warm feeling. This word describes the vibe at Qlimax perfectly – it’s in the nature of hardstyle music, and is actively demonstrated in how the partygoers treat each other.

The environment is boosted by the gear everyone is wearing as well. Q-dance’s party guests love to show off their love for the music & culture by wearing official Qlimax merchendise, or even designing their own custom gear. When people love hardstyle, they really show it!

As always, Qlimax was diligently documented. You can now stream the live sets from the night here.

Check out the extended after-movie to experience Qlimax for yourself: