Ramzoid “Nature/Nature”

Ramzoid “Nature/Nature”

If you’re feeling in need of an exotic getaway, look no further than the newest release from Ramzoid, appropriately titled “Nature/Nature.” The track is futuristic, fluid, and avant-garde, embodying the sense of discovering a fascinating new place. Step inside Ramzoid’s imagination as he describes the set of “Nature/Nature”:

“One of the first things we notice when leaving the shores is the incredible variety of plants and creatures that inhabit the island. Thanks to our map we’ve been able to find one of the ancient and most important structures that holds information regarding this cosmos–The Underwater Library, where remains of the Carbonaenciclopedia are preserved.

The Underwater Library is a huge archive of documents and tales from ages past, like the Mono / Stereo Age and the Wi-Fi Pinnacle era. In the Library, the complex biology that distinguishes every living creature is classified and analyzed for its function and features, as well as its “spectral echo”–a sonic vibration that creates inaudible resonance.”

Ramzoid recognized the importance of nature’s unstable duality in connecting the world and providing the energy necessary to create life and sound, and this was his inspiration for “Nature/Nature.” The young Canadian artist from Prince Edward Island has garnered support across the genre board, fromGramatik and Baauer, to Jauz to Jack U.

He is a member of Soda Island, an online collective of producers whose fantastical soundscapes have already racked up two million SoundCloud plays, two million+ YouTube plays and support from tastemakers including Nest HQ, Mr. Suicide Sheep, Majestic Casual, Indie Shuffle and Inspector Dubplate.