Rasmus Hedlund presents his third full length album experimenting with dub and diverse tonal range

Rasmus Hedlund presents his third full length album on the Ljudverket label. The diverse tonal range of the cuts showcase further experimentations in dub. The title ‘Far’ has a deeper meaning stating some personally reached milestones and also being the word for father in Hedlund’s native language Swedish.

The life-changing moments of the past few years have become the sound on the pressed grooves of this album – they continue expressing feelings that are not possible to put into words. The purest form of love provided by fatherhood. New responsibilities. Sickness and health. Evolving inside. The excitement, stress and joy of life.

Written and produced by Rasmus Hedlund in Finland 2022. Mastered at Scape Mastering, Berlin.

artist Rasmus Hedlund
title  Far
label Ljudverket
date 10th October
format Vinyl, Digital


A1 Rytmisk
B1  Kalla Vindar
B2  Verners Funk
C1  Chords Galore
C2  Bappa
D1  Leende
D2  Vila Du Lilla