Richie Hawtin’s ENTER Won’t Be Returning To Ibiza This Summer

Richie Hawtin’s ENTER Won’t Be Returning To Ibiza This Summer


Things aren’t looking so bright on the White Isle of Ibiza right about now. Late last year, techno legend Carl Cox declared that the following summer will be his last year bringing his residency to Space Ibiza after fifteen incredible years. Now, another techno god in Richie Hawtin announced that he also will not be bringing his residency, ENTER, to Space Ibiza in 2016. After four amazing years at the mega-club, Richie has shared with us that it is now time to “take the next step”, which can only mean that Richie and his ENTER family are looking for new site-specific locations around the world.

Richie has already successfully brought his ENTER parties to other locations like EDC New Yorkand Creamfields in Argentina, but we can only wait and see where they will bring their party next. You can see the entirety of Richie Hawtin’s statement on his exit from Space Ibiza below and make sure to stay tuned with us for updates on where Richie will be bringing ENTER to next.

I’m sure you all realize that my driving force comes from a unique mix of influences; music & creativity, inspiring technologies and the exciting challenge of pushing forward into the unknown.

In this continuing search it’s always been important for me to trust my instincts and have the freedom to follow any of the pathways that unfold before me, no matter how unexpected they seem.

As my main project of the last four years, ENTER. was founded to bring a new type of clubbing experience to Ibiza; an eclectic mix of music programming, creative production techniques and cohesive design aesthetics.

It is my belief that by combining these elements, a deeply immersive experience can be created. After fours year of ENTER.Ibiza events atSpace Ibiza, I’m proud that we have successfully presented the island with a new level of detail & creativity.

However, it’s now time for ENTER. to TAKE THE NEXT STEP. in its development. Therefore ENTER. will not return to the island this season.

ENTER. will continue to explore site specific events around the world based upon our core principles: Music. Sake. Technology. Experience.

I’d like to thank Pepe Rosello, Juan Arenas and all at Space Ibiza for being our home for the last four seasons and giving us the opportunity to realize and launch the ENTER. concept. I wish everyone an amazing last season and continued success in all your future endeavours.

I’d also like to thank my team, the artists, creatives, islanders and industry for the support and belief in the ENTER.Experience since day one.

As we continue on this new exciting pathway of EXPLORATION and DISCOVERY, I look forward to seeing all of you around the world for the next exciting chapter!