Shermanology ‘Follow Me’

Shermanology ‘Follow Me’

AMSTERDAM, April 29th, 2016 – Dutch House act Shermanology dropped an exciting record onto Amsterdam-based record company Armada Music today. With ‘Follow Me‘, the duo continues along the lines of their recent change in musical direction.

Shermanology, comprised of siblings Andy and Dorothy Sherman, saw their international breakthrough in 2011 as Avicii’s edit of their song ‘Blessed‘ (with Tom Hangs) became a hit single. A collaboration with fellow countryman Afrojack called ‘Can’t Stop Me‘ followed one year later and ensured them a global audience by getting heavily featured at the main stages of the world’s leading Electronic Music festivals. The years afterwards were particularly kind to Shermanology, but the EDM trend also took away a key element of their music: soul.

Feeling limited in their creative output, Andy and Dorothy decided to make a change. Now,Shermanology bring back the groove, reinstated the soul elements in their music, and started performing with a live band at various acclaimed festivals and events. Their new musical philosophy is thriving and ‘Follow Me‘ is at the heart of it, comprising elements of House classic ‘Follow Me‘ by Aly Us.