Skrillex Celebrates Birthday By Playing Dubstep-Only Show

Skrillex Celebrates Birthday By Playing Dubstep-Only Show

Skrillex truly is the people’s producer. As one of the most magnanimous personalities in dance music (or music in general), he always delivers surprises for the fans. If you go to a Skrillex show you’re pretty likely to see a surprise guest or maybe even a b2b set. So how does such a producer celebrate his birthday on the eve of his performance with Diplo at Life in Color: Miami?

By playing a super rare impromptu dubstep-only show in Downtown Miami. Not long after Sonny expressed the interest in putting together something awesome, a venue called The Hanger is stepping up to the plate.

For only $20 you can see the Skrillex you may remember from 2012, throwing down the hardest of dubstep without the hip-hop and trap. If he drops the ever elusive and never released “Voltage“, then it would be worth it just for that. If you’re lucky enough to make it, send us your videos!

Update: It appears to have been more of a standard Skrillex set, including trap and all, but that’s still a great time from one of the best producers around.