Skrillex Remixed A Remix Of His Own Song And We’re Lost

Skrillex Remixed A Remix Of His Own Song And We’re Lost


These days, talking about certain dance music tracks makes us sound like we’re in the movie Inception. The slang alone – remix, flip, bootleg, ID, VIP, WIP, brackets, parentheses, etc. – is enough to scare off anyone new to the community. Last night, Skrillex released a perfect – and fully disappointing – example of this confusing structure, with a flip of aMarshmello remix of his own track “Where Are Ü Now” with Justin Bieber and Diplo. Yikes.

Even though the original track has been remixed more times since its release than John Cena has been memed, the Marshmello remix was one we genuinely enjoyed and appreciated. It introduced a more energetic and uplifting mood to the vocals we’ve had engrained in our brains for months. Skrillex’s new flip, however, brings the song’s core concept back to its basics with a lazy and haha-festival-crowds-will-eat-this-up devolution to simple trap.

Maybe Skrillex has been getting tired of playing out the same track at each and every show, and created a new rendition to save his sanity. Regardless, the new take will most likely fade from memory soon and be replaced once again by the original and Marshmello’s remix.

Listen below, and let us know if it does anything for you.

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