SoundCloud to add video advertisements to US applications

SoundCloud to add video advertisements to US applications

SoundCloud is rebounding from prior losses through strategic restructuring. The company recently received a $70 million investment from Twitter, and are entering the paid subscription arena with “SoundCloud Go,.” Because of this, SoundCloud is slowly moving toward a profitable future, while also ameliorating its free services that placed it among the top streaming websites upon its creation.

SoundCloud’s newest monetizing strategy involves introducing video advertisements, which the company will be piloting on all its U.S.-based applications in the impending future. Current users may find this initiative to be a welcome change, as ads will now pop up between songs only when the listeners actively have the SoundCloud screen pulled up on their device, rather than playing at any given point while music is playing.

The company is also adding a multitude of features to combat the negativity surrounding their controversial music removals and added restrictions to certain mediums of music delivery. SoundCloud paired with LANDR in May to launch a free mastering service for those who sign up for a membership. Also, the company recently announced that they will be adding an algorithm-based music discovery feature to provide listeners with an enhanced listening experience.

H/T: Forbes.