Soundcloud Will Release a Subscription Service “Later This Year”

Soundcloud Will Release a Subscription Service “Later This Year”

Tech Times revealed in the past few months that leaked emails were pointing towards the Berlin-based Soundcloud expressing interest in creating a “paid for subscription” service. Now, those rumors are now fact.

Soundcloud’s Co-Founder and CTO Eric Wahlforss has announced that the platform will launch a subscription service “later this year.” We don’t have a solid date yet, however. According to the previously leaked info, free users will still be able to use Soundcloud for free – while subscribers will get to use it without advertisements (also giving “unlimited” music access). Extra royalties would become available under the second-tier option for users. This would be called “SoundCloud Full Catalog Subscription Service.”

Soundcloud’s growth over the past few years has been incredible, making their “No-cost uploading” system even more controversial for business types. There has been plenty of debate about paying artists and labels properly – and the service will apparently pay over 10% of their revenue to the National Music Publishers’ Association.

According to TECH TIMES, labels would make an extra 18 cents each month on “first tier model” users and an extra 80 cents on “second tier model” users. Stay tuned.