Spring Awakening Announces 5th Anniversary At Brand New Venue

Spring Awakening Announces 5th Anniversary At Brand New Venue

spring awakening 5 year anniversary

Spring Awakening Music Festival has just officially announced the location of its 5th Anniversary: JACKSON PARK, also known as the site of the historic World’s Fair. Spring Awakening will be held June 10th through 12th.

“Over the past year we’ve explored potential venues that have bigger footprints, and with 500+ acres of lakefront greenery, Jackson Park turned out to be a prime location,” says Jeff Callahan, founder of SAMF. “Jackson Park allows SAMF to continue to grow as the largest dance music festival in the Midwest, with enough space to accommodate our growing number of fans, and will also allow for more stages and bigger production than ever before.”

The new, larger space will accommodate a total of six stages, including two main stages, as well as “interactive art installations, firework displays, and carnival rides including a ferris wheel.”

Limited discounted pre-sale tickets are now on sale at! Layaway plans are also available for the first time.

It has been said that some people might be worried about the area of the festival, deeming it a little unsafe. All worries should be put aside, however, as Jackson Park is right next to Hyde Park, where the University of Chicago is which is a nice area; it’s also on the grounds of the Museum of Science and Industry which many attendees have likely been to already. There’s also a major house music festival held in the same location every year, and no problems have been reported yet (aside from the usual cases of drunk and disorderly).