Stanton Warriors & Tony Quattro Premiere ‘Keep It Movin’ ft. Rell Rock

Stanton Warriors & Tony Quattro Premiere ‘Keep It Movin’ ft. Rell Rock on Skrillex’s NEST (Exclusive)


English stalwarts sport a fresh sound on new collaboration.

Since launching in 2013, Skrillex‘s free release label NEST has emerged as an open-format tastemaker that showcases rising youngsters and savvy veterans alike. Its latest release comes courtesy of the latter.

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Iconic UK garage outfit Stanton Warriors — comprised of Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley — have joined forces with New York’s Tony Quattro on a sleek broken-beat thumper featuring rapped verses from New Jersey’s Rell Rock.

“Keep it Movin” retains the high-octane approach adopted on Stanton Warriors’ recent album Rebel Bass, while minimal synth plucks and oscillated bass flourishes ensure the track feels at home on modern dance floors.

Listen to the full premiere exclusively below:

Billboard Dance caught up with the artists to find out more about the track’s backstory and Brooklyn incipiency.

How did this collaboration come together?
Butler: Last year, we were in NYC for a gig and had some time off. We had hit up Tony to say how much we like some tunes he had done. Then we said to him “Lets make a tune like right now, where do you live?”  He was like,  “Er ok, I live in Brooklyn”. So we got [a] cab down there, got lost, found him and made some beats in his bedroom. Then we were like, “Damn, this beat needs a rapper”, so he called up Rell and said, “Come over.” She was like, “But I have work…” We were like, “F–k that come over.” So she did. We jammed the whole thing in one afternoon, with very limited equipment; we used a mattress as a vocal booth. It was ghetto, but we definitely caught a vibe!

Quattro:  Dom hit me up in the spring of 2014 after hearing some of my music on Trouble & Bass. We traded some tracks and eventually linked up in the studio that summer while they were on tour in NYC. I armed myself with about 10 project files worth of ideas before the session and luckily two fit really well. We finished the two instrumentals in one day and then had Rell Rock come in the next day from Jersey to record “Keep it Movin.” We put the finishing touches on it while I was on tour in London that fall, and they eventually finished the second track with Eva Lazarus for their album. Needless to say it was a pretty seamless and fruitful collaboration!

What’s the scene like in West London these days?
Butler: London has so much good music going on. Around where we live in West London, you have everyone from Jack Beats to Toddla T hanging in the local bars and of course the Notting Hill Carnival.  Across the city, garage, deep house, grime, reggae, hip hop and just general beats n bass sounds all come together and people just make music with no real category, which is something we are really all about — good beats and good bass with God knows what else on top. London is a really open minded and exciting place to live!