STAR SEED & Nytrix Unite on Ethereal, Analog-Led Love Ballad “It’s Just You” on Lost In Dreams Records

STAR SEED and Nytrix collide on new collab

The envelope-pushing production pair STAR SEED syncs up with singer, songwriter and producer Nytrix on their new collab, “It’s Just You,” an ethereal, analog-led love ballad coming to light on Lost In Dreams Records

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Experimental pop duo STAR SEED has carved out a name for themselves in the electronic music sphere, spawning a project designed to channel the cosmos to create a soundtrack for the many mysteries hidden throughout the universe. On their latest exploration, they are recruiting L.A-based phenom Nytrix to the mission. “It’s Just You” is a cinematic collaboration whose premise follows a love that can outlive the end of the world. Nytrix’s signature vocal belting paints a vivid picture, one that comes into clear view amid a stirring crescendo of swirling acoustic melodies and suspense-building drum hits. Emulating an extinction-level event, a cataclysmic beat starts to unfold replete with stuttering synth riffs, choppy percussion, fluttering arpeggiations, and sporadic scratch samples, all of which subsist on the beauty of their trademark modular sound design. It’s a spectacular story about love, helping to push the narrative for their forthcoming EP on Lost In Dreams. 

On their new single, STAR SEED shares: “After we wrote the story that our EP is based on, we brought all our synthesizers, instruments, and pedals into the dining room, and started the first song, which ended up as ‘It’s Just You.’ We sent the idea to Nytrix, who seemed inspired by the story, as well, and the track came to be.”

The new single arrives in the aftermath of STAR SEED’s recent performance at the second annual Lost In Dreams festival, which went down last September in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. It set the stage perfectly for their first standalone single released one month later, “How To Not Let Go,” the cathartic dance pop offering anchored to the lush vocals of esteemed songstress Luma. They are now connecting more dots, as the duo leans on the talents of fellow label regular Nytrix, who showcased his strengths on “Against Time” alongside if found, which was featured on the inaugural ‘Gateway’ compilation in 2021. 

With both acts previously releasing records on multiple occasions with Lost In Dreams Records, this partnering feels like a long-time coming. When a coupling of this magnitude collides, Newton’s third law suggests they will exert equal and opposite forces on one another. Stylistically, the theory holds true as STAR SEED and Nytrix blend their sounds together to concoct the perfect formula of melody and emotion on “It’s Just You.”

STAR SEED and Nytrix’s new single “It’s Just You” is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams Records.

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