Stockholm’s Lucas Nord Goes Dark In ‘Don’t Need Your Love’

Stockholm’s Lucas Nord Goes Dark In

‘Don’t Need Your Love’

Lucas Nord

Stockholm, Sweden’s Lucas Nord was once a teen who played ice hockey and considered studying marketing. Now he’s an emerging voice in Sweden’s active, top-notch music scene, rubbing shoulders with fellow Swedes Urban Cone and Tove Lo.

His latest single, “Don’t Need Your Love,” off his upcoming Company EP, is a welcome change from his work on the dancefloor-shaking, chart-topping “Run on Love” featuring Tove Lo.

Nord, who was raised on Craig David and Usher, seeks to incorporate more of his childhood influences in his current sound. “What started with a heavy house and strong electronic leaning has become lighter, more airy, and with a sound mixing pop and R&B,” Nord says. “In the beginning, I actually was a bit skeptical about moving into pop. But this is actually the first time I have done something that is me.”

Company is an album about the absence of such; Nord shares his thoughts and feelings from a recent break up throughout the album. Lead single “Don’t Need Your Love” layers Nord’s frustration and disillusionment (“Truthfully, I thought we were way past that/’Cause usually, time heals every gap that’s killing me/I can’t look at you right now, no no”) over a sleek, controlled beat. “While I was writing songs for my new album, Company, ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ immediately stood out as the lead single for the record,” Nord says.