sumthin sumthin Returns to Bassrush Records With Breathtaking Left-Field Bass Single “Inhale” 

On the tail of his label debut, sumthin sumthin rolls back around with another mind-altering release for Bassrush Records arriving in the shape of his sophomore single “Inhale.” 

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To no one’s surprise, the latest creation from the SoCal-based producer feels like nothing but a gust of fresh air. “Inhale” is a real freeform beauty that lets the brilliance of sumthin sumthin shine like no other. The track sets out with an unmistakably serene quality, as the dreamy intro wafts through ethereal melodies and languid piano keys. But the peace is fleeting, and the mood soon takes a sudden turn for complete and utter chaos. Lush atmospherics are upended with the arrival of a gnarly leftfield groove. The tranquility dissipates instantaneously inside a whirlwind of rubbery low-end, croaking flourishes, and guttural synth arrangements that’ll leave you gasping for your next breath. 

“Inhale is about the importance breath has in life,” says sumthin sumthin. “Before pursuing anything difficult or stressful in life, one usually takes a deep breath in preparation for what is to come. This track is all about that deep inhale you take before the chaos ensues.” 

A little more than a month ago, sumthin sumthin broke away from his usual brain-tickling style to make his first foray in the drum & bass lane. Hitting that sweet spot between leftfield filth and heady halftime, “Speak” came across like a mystical conversation, allowing the listener to tap into an interdimensional language born from the cosmos. It didn’t take long before Conrad Woodul—the mastermind behind the sumthin sumthin pseudonym—rushed back to the Bassrush Records catalog to let the world feel his genius once again with a follow-up release that will surely take your breath away. 

sumthin sumthin’s new single “Inhale” is available on all platforms via Bassrush Records. 

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