Take An Inside Look At Zedd’s 3D Visual World [VIDEO]

Take An Inside Look At Zedd’s 3D Visual World [VIDEO]

If you’ve been living under a rock for about the past two months or so and missed out, Zedd has been busy on his “True Colors Tour” which features what is possibly the greatest stadium concert show production in EDM history. Today, Live Nation TV has shed some light on the inner workings to Zedd’s production with an inside look at his 3D Visual World.

The video kicks off with Zedd sitting down explaining what he hoped for with the True Colors, and how he was trying to translate the color and emotion in the album into something tangible and visual for the audience. Christopher Kerr, Zedd’s production manager, revealed that for this tour they actually created custom video content for the LED panels in 4K resolution. If that’s not impressive enough, Zedd’s tour manager also reveals that in order to support the super-high res video panels, they also needed a super big wall. The main screen clocks in at a sturdy 36 feet, but that only makes up 1/3 of the entire stage which is over 80 feet wide.

“People underestimate the importance of what you see when you go to a concert, it’s a crucial element combining what you hear with what you see. All your senses are involved… my goal is for you to feel exactly what I feel and when you see everybody jump and be happy – it doesn’t really ever get old.”

The video goes on to walk us through the rest of the technicalities involved in the production of such a massively ambitious project as well as Zedd’s creative process going through the different visual panels, while juxtaposing the final product with some amazing crowd shots of the tour.

Seriously though, don’t take my words for it because they truly don’t do Zedd’s show, or even this video, any justice. Make yourself a bag of popcorn, pull up a chair and enjoy the video in full below!

H/T: Live Nation TV
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