The Coolest Music Video You’ll Ever See Was Just Made In Zero Gravity

The Coolest Music Video You’ll Ever See Was Just Made In Zero Gravity

Disclaimer: Yes, we know this isn’t EDM. Now sit down and let us show you something cool.

About nine hours ago, OK Go shared their latest music for their song “Upside Down & Inside Out.” It was shot in zero gravity.


OK Go have already made a name for themselves for years and years with their impressively designed and orchestrated music videos, all starting with this one from “Here It Goes Again.” With each music video they’ve concocted, they’ve raised the bar higher and higher for themselves creatively, as well as pushing the limits of physics, so to speak.

With this video, they pushed those limits to the utmost. OK Go is known for shooting their videos in one take, but zero gravity in an airplane is enormously difficult to sustain for any extended period of time. So how did they do it?

“Yes, it’s all one continuous take, but there’s a bunch of time removed. Again, the longest stretch of zero gravity we can get is about 27 seconds, and then it takes five minutes to reset to do it again. We wanted the whole video to take place in weightlessness, so we designed the routine in 27 second chunks, scenes that start and end right at the moments gravity is going and coming back. After we filmed a scene, when gravity returned, we stayed as still as we could for the five minutes of the plane climbing, and then began the next scene as soon as we were weightless again. When we were done, we chose our best take and cut out all of the long reset periods, so the routine is continuous and feels seamless.”

The video has already gone absolutely viral, garnering over 9 million views and over 165,000 shares. With EDM music videos becoming more and more stale (with the exception of the visionaries at OWSLA), some influence from OK Go could be a very good thing.