This is What Your Favorite Festival Grounds Look Like When Empty

This is What Your Favorite Festival Grounds Look Like When Empty

Fest300 gathered together a nice collection of photos to give us an added perspective of what it looks like when a festival setting has been cleared… with the stage in tact. Check out these photos below of some of your favorite festival venues.

All photos were taken by Mattheiu Thoer. Check out his website here for full galleries.

Hangout Music Festival, Gulf Shores, ALAbandoned_Festival_Grounds_2015_Matthieu_Thoer - 09

Abandoned_Festival_Grounds_2015_Matthieu_Thoer - 08


Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Indio, CA

Abandoned_Festival_Grounds_2015_Matthieu_Thoer - 32

Abandoned_Festival_Grounds_2015_Matthieu_Thoer - 33

Electric Zoo, New York City, NY


Abandoned_Festival_Grounds_2015_Matthieu_Thoer - 31EDC Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

Abandoned_Festival_Grounds_2015_Matthieu_Thoer - 19


Abandoned_Festival_Grounds_2015_Matthieu_Thoer - 39

Sasquatch, Quincy, Washington

Abandoned_Festival_Grounds_2015_Matthieu_Thoer - 02

Tommorowland, Boom, Belgium

Abandoned_Festival_Grounds_2015_Matthieu_Thoer - 36

Bonaroo, Manchesther, Tennessee

Abandoned_Festival_Grounds_2015_Matthieu_Thoer - 35