Toada’s second album expands on heartwarming melodies and drum-machine grooves

The Berlin-based Portuguese producer expands on his musical heritage with a rhythmically complex but surprisingly light-hearted album

Acalenta is out January 26th, 2023.

Valdir da Silva aka Toada is back with his second album, Acalenta.

90% of the tracks were mostly started with drum machines like the Dave Smith Tempest and the Pioneer Toraiz SP16 sampler, focusing primarily on getting the groove right whilst synthesizers like the Sequential Prophet 5 and Korg Minilogue XD added Toada’s signature heartwarming melodies.

33 minutes of lighthearted, sizzling and simultaneously complex deep tunes aiming for a reinvigorating listening experience.

Acalenta is out January 26th, 2023.

artist Toada
title Acalenta
label Plūma
date 26th January 2023
format digital
Pre-order via Bandcamp


1. Fagulhas Dentro de Ti
2. Conchas
3. Sólido Cintilar
4. Amálgama 1 (Bálsamo / Novo Spot)
5. Agridoce
6. A Minha Cena
7. Vitamina D
8. Vibe Inerente
9. Amálgama 2 (Orla / Tejo / Maracujá)
10. Odeceixe