Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you are dating an avid music lover, then you know what it means to have the right music on hand… or no hanky-panky! With that in mind, we have found the perfect collection of tracks all morphed into smooth and sultry options to lull your significant other into false suspense with the power of music!

This first selection is brought to you by Alex Hook via Spirit Soul Mixes from their 217th label showcase. It’s a sweet and romantic melodic House mix that is enjoyable by even those who don’t partake in the world of electronic sounds. Simple and smooth, just how the special night should be.

If your significant other has a bit more interest in bass heavy sounds, think more Hip Hop and R&B influences, then Ardalan will make things extra steamy with this set via Music is 4 Lovers’ G-Love Mixtape. He presents a delicious blend of sultry R&B with House-oriented beats that will pour over your ears like hot chocolate ganache.

Now for those who have a more taste-specific interest in music, you can never go wrong with a set from Solomun. King of deep and sexy, his Christmas in Bed mix from 2014 has been a favorite of mine since he first posted it. Nothing cheesy here, it’s precious and unique lined with the perfect tone to keep your partner in bed all weekend!

Now moving into a more melodic Tech-House region, Kollektiv Turmstrasse always possess an elegant and chill motif for those who want to spin around in the moonlight. Light, sensual and dark with elements of chords and strings to help wheel in those hearts all night long. Their special X-Mas edition for Connaisseur Mixtape can definitely make any day special.

Now if Solomun, had any competition in the field of sexy music, it would be Robert James…call me, maybe? I heard him play in sleepy Boston on a Wednesday night and by god did it stir up some moves … and maybe feelings?! One of my favorite sets, for some sweet grooves with enough oomph for the bedroom (if you catch my drift), is his Skin & Bones Helsinki set. It goes to show why he’s a DC10 resident!

Hitting a whole other side of upbeat is this very sweet and fun mix by Klingande from Thomas Jack Presents. Just the right amount of Tropical House to stir up some fun romance that can involve the two of you anywhere, from splashing about in a pool to wrestling in bed! Gentle, cute and filled with a good amount of feel good tracks mixed in with amazing saxophone tunes.