Venture 5 Offers Adventurous Ethos on Debut EP, First Connection

Venture 5 delivers his debut EP, First Connection — including 4 emotion-packed tracks that take listeners on a cruise through classic dubstep and innovative, adventurous sound design.

Venture 5 is a new project from producer Niko Pappas, previously known for his music moniker, Opalyte (WAKAAN, MorFlo). The Colorado-native attended Boulder’s Naropa University, where he studied music theory, ethnomusicology and recording arts with aspirations to create a fluid, stylish mix of vintage bass music and vast emotional ethos. Blending these intangibles with original songwriting and instrumentation, Pappas’ music continues to strike a chord with listeners and his peers.

Quote from Venture 5:

“The inspiration behind the Venture 5 project was a call to action in my own life about living my true adventure and facing my fears around getting out in the world, being active, taking risks, and getting out of my comfort zone. Venture 5 is meant to be a vessel or a means for my audience to live their true adventure and face their fears.”

Born and raised in Denver, Pappas was exposed at a young age to the various music styles and inspirations found in Colorado’s thriving music community. He began playing guitar and writing acoustic music before his teenage years and was later on exposed to influential acts like Nero, Caspa, Zeds Dead, Pretty Lights and The Glitch Mob. These dynamic producers opened him up to the imagination and ingenuity found in electronic music.

Venture 5 is a new project from producer Niko Pappas, previously known for his music moniker, Opalyte. Going into his college years, Pappas’ growing interest led to his first foray in music production. His contemporary inspirations range from Apashe, Flume, Zeds Dead, and CloZee–groundbreaking sonic creators not bound by genre.

Under Opalyte, Pappas released a string of highly anticipated tracks, including two break-out singles, “A Perfect World in Our Heads” and “Supercritical.” He’s charted releases with well-respected imprints like Wakaan (“Ultimate Dragon” with Mersiv) and MorFlo Records (“Galaxy” with Mauka), and performed with marquee names in the industry like Mersiv, Smoakland, Megan Hamilton, SoDown, SuperAve. and more.

Through the Venture 5 project, Pappas supplies a diverse arsenal of breathtaking soundscapes, emotional melodies and exciting bass drops that lead listeners through an audio expedition unlike any other. Sending signals into the hearts of his audience, inspiring them to live a true adventure and to “face your fears.”

“The First Connection EP represents the first step into the Venture 5 universe. It is an awakening for those seeking the inspiration they need to step off the edge and fly. For me, First Connection represents my first steps into the Venture 5 identity and the beginning of my mission to connect and inspire my audience to soar into the Venture 5 way of life.”

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