VR Takes Your Music Experience To A New Level

VR Takes Your Music Experience To A New Level

If you ask anyone who’s ever been to a music festival the number one reason why they go, they will tell you it’s for the ‘experience’. The lights, sounds and overall atmosphere of music festivals make up everything that bring you a total euphoric experience. In the near future, you may be able to feel those experiences through Virtual Reality.

In a video series created by the folks at Unreal, titled “The Future Of Virtual Reality”, DJ/Producer Morgan Page describes how he sees VR becoming a completely new music experience.

“The big way that we’re integrating VR, is that I want to find a way to take you inside the world of a song.”

The clip also shows the lyrics of Morgan Page’s hit “In The Air” flying at you through a 3D space environment. Other sources talking about the capabilities of VR also mention the possibility of 360 degree cameras being installed in venues and festivals. Instead of live streaming on your computer, you can use VR to feel like your inside the crowd, turning your head to see what’s happening around you.

All that being said, don’t expect a “1984” scenario anytime soon where everyone is sitting in their living rooms with VR devices strapped to their heads, instead of going out and enjoying their favorite artists. However, the option being available is something that a lot of music fans will appreciate.

You can find the complete series of “The Future Of Virtual Reality” here to get the complete 411 on all that VR has to offer.