Walker & Royce Launch New Label with Inaugural Single from Dances With White Girls

Featuring Inaugural Single by Dances With White Girls, ‘Skinny Dipping’

Walker & Royce have defined their career with three simple words: Rules Don’t Apply. This ethos is reflected in their genre-straddling studio output, and in their eponymous radio show, which puts other risk takers on display. Now, Walker & Royce take Rules Don’t Apply to new heights with its launch as a record label. Dances With White Girls inaugurates this new platform for dance music rebels, today unveiling “Skinny Dipping”—a piece already on its way to becoming a festival anthem.


Though Walker & Royce co-produced “Skinny Dipping”, it remains a quintessential Dances With White Girls composition. It also marks the artist’s first time helming studio operations in over a decade, speaking to his eternal ear for elevating basic songs into set weapons. A simple base creates heavy impact, with crisp percussion, buzzing synth progressions, and off-kilter sound effects evoking fervent movement to the beat. Then come the Dances’ distinctive vocals, dishing out cheeky, yet convincing instructions to listeners.

Dances With White Girls is one of the most renowned vocalists in dance music and beyond, having earned multi-platinum certification from his work with Pitbull, co-writing one of Chris Lake’s biggest hits, “Operator,” and earning tens of millions of streams through other house collaborations. He also shares a lengthy history with Walker & Royce, beginning in 2017 with their viral Dirtybird hit, “Take Me To Your Leader.” They continued their collaboration with “Love & Marriage.” Then at Coachella 2019, the duo brought Dances on stage with them for an unforgettable performance. Their collective chemistry thus makes “Skinny Dipping” ideal for opening this new chapter. 

“There are so many artists we believe in and different styles of music we love, having an outlet for that has become really important to us. A lot of artists can be put in a box and we want to break those rules, this is the way we are going to do that. We want to encourage artists to make what they love and express themselves without feeling the pressure to fit into a specific genre.”—Walker & Royce

Rules Don’t Apply is a fitting progression in Walker & Royce’s artistic journey. With a focus of quality and innovation regardless of genre or style, they can now focus their decade-plus of underground influence into nurturing the next generation of trendsetters.

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