Wh0 and Zirretta collaborate on new single ‘Show Me Your Love’

Masked UK production duo Wh0 have linked up with fellow rising producer Zirretta on new single ‘Show Me Your Love’, out today on Lift Me Up Records.


An irresistibly slick combination of rousing piano chords, pumping club beats and pitch-perfect vocals, ‘Show Me Your Love’ is the perfect summer banger. Following on from Henry Daniel’s tech bomb ‘Shake That’ and Marvel Riot and Celina Sharma’s sultry ‘Say You Want It’, which was subsequently remixed by Sub-X‘Show Me Your Love’ is the latest in a series of tracks that Lift Me Up plans to release. With its founding mission to put amazing dance music in front of people – from crossover dance records to club focused tracks – the label will be a positive place for like-minded individuals to come together and collaborate. 

“We bounced several versions of this record back and forth with Zirretta for almost TWO YEARS before finalising,” Wh0 admit. “But we always persevered as we knew there was something super strong here. This is due to be Zirretta’s first release ever, and as an up-and-coming artist, we still decided to do this record with him as we are strictly about good music – not politics!”

Zirretta adds: “Though I was a new producer at the time work on this track started, I had been playing instruments (namely, piano and guitar) most of my life, and I always love to jam and just feel out a new groove. Something special happened when I came across those dramatic vocals, and the piano hook just fit beautifully. The bassline added some funk in a way you wouldn’t first anticipate when hearing the vocals and piano; yet it complimented them very well and pushed the track in a club-friendly direction.”

Decked out in black masks, and fearless in their studio execution, mysterious UK duo Wh0 have wasted little time in seducing some of music’s biggest players. The context of this curious duo is blissfully limited. Just a few short years since their inception, they find themselves standing tall with records alongside Nile RodgersThe ProdigyBasement JaxxBob SinclarMeduzaTiesto and more – with a Grammy nomination to boot.

Zirretta’s music attempts to balance uplifting, joyful, bright energy with dirty, funky, club-friendly beats. Inspiration for this duality is never hard to find in beautiful Santa Barbara, where he is happy to call home.

Destined to become one of the biggest tunes of summer 2022, this triumphant cross-continental club collaboration ticks all the right boxes.

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