What’s Happening to Above and Beyond?

What’s Happening to Above and Beyond?

I hate that I have to write this post, but I’m eminently disappointed with the newest Above and Beyond single.

Call me an intolerable snob, but their newest single, “A.I.”, sounds exactly like every other song coming from Anjunabeats and I’m starting to quickly lose interest in their label.

Maybe I’m used to the old classic days of beautiful, raw, progressive melodies accompanied by stunning vocals that bring all the feels, but lately Above and Beyond has failed short to deliver that with their latest releases. I hear “A.I.” and feel like I’m walking past the mainstage of a popular festival passing in disgust as big drops and simple chords take over most of the single. Have the good old trance days completely vanished from Anjunabeats?

As the three label heads gear up to embark on their Acoustic tour, I’m hoping to see more of the “classic” side A&B as their capability to produce beautiful music will still (hopefully) continue. I know Tony, Paavo and Jono are some of the most gifted producers this scene has ever known and we hope to hear their classics forever.