Andretta “Before Anything Mattered”

Andretta “Before Anything Mattered”

Andretta, have recently released their third and brand new album “Before Anything Mattered.” A 30 track album that ranges through electronica, tech-house, and progressive sounds. The concept of the project was to put together a piece of work that didn’t cater to any specific sound or audience.

The project is rough in texture, and avoids any specific arrangement for radio play. However, “Old Kanye” a song off the project, took off during the 2016 edition of WMC and is already being played by some of the biggest names in the industry. The album is expected to generate many singles, and kick star a summer tour for the duo.

Excited with the initial reaction to their third album, the brothers decided that they would immediately return to the studio to work on something they had never done before, a full blown vocal album. After 7 years in the business Andretta decided to call upon all their musical friends to put together what they expect to be the biggest project of their successful careers. They expect the album to be a complete representation of their Italian and Egyptian heritage as well as their Miami connection, the city they have called home for the last decade.

Listen to the lead single “So Many Things” ft. Cherine

The brothers will continue to tour while they work on the album and will continue to work with other artists on remixes and collaborations. In addition, they have launched their own record, In Too Deep Records, a record label based exclusively on releasing quality music. While it has been quite a busy first 7 years, Andretta expect 2016 to be the biggest one for them yet. With a new record label, new album, and a fourth album already planned, the future is bright for the duo.