Eco Company Develops Sustainable Cardboard DJ Booth

Eco Company Develops Sustainable Cardboard DJ Booth

No, these images are not from the movie Zoolander. The Spanish eo-lab company CartonLab has developed a pretty interesting, all-cardboard design. They made a normal table shape and even a hexagonal table, which looks pretty cool. See photos below.

In a statement, CarbonLab explained their new design:

“All DJ tables are removable, easily flat-packed for transport, and assembly is just as simple, just bending and fitting pieces together. Once the tables are at the end of their life, they are 100% recyclable.

Each of the DJ tables we designed were made 100% in cardboard, and include printed graphic line with the concept of the event and brand identity. They were designed to be three different and unique pieces for each of the stores celebrating the event.”

The table design was showcased last month in Madrid during Vogue Fashion Night. As DJ Tech Tools notes, durability and sustainability are in question. However, this interesting design is not yet available.H&M displayed these models at 3 retail stores during the showcase.

See photos and read more about the project here from their website.





Source: DJ Tech Tools