Watch The Documentary Behind Fedde Le Grand’s First Live Show

Watch The Documentary Behind Fedde Le Grand’s First Live Show


I’m loving the new direction dance music shows are taking. More and more artists are trying to keep their music fresh by adding live elements to their performances. While many of us still enjoy the traditional DJ set, a live instrument or singer helps make the music more memorable, as it adds a visually stimulating element.

Fedde Le Grand, one of the Netherlands’ most successful exports, has had a formidable world career as a DJ. Recently, he teamed up with Dutch entertainment company RTL Live Entertainment to produce his first live show, GRAND. The show is exactly what one would expect from a name like that – an extravagant show full of dancers, singers, and more.

What’s fascinating is that Fedde’s first sold out before they had even began production. He worked closely with RTL Live Entertainment from the beginning as the team worked ideas including stage design, costumes, and of course, the music. GRAND also highlights many facets of Dutch art and culture, including “De Nachtwacht,” the iconic Dutch painting by Rembrandt, and many of the countries best dancers from all disciplines.

Watch the entire 22-minute documentary below (with English subtitles):

On February 5th 2015, Fedde Le Grand cemented his name in dance music lore with GRAND – a stunning audio-visual performance at the Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam. The historic location played host to Le Grand’s theatrical masterpiece over a 6 date, back-to-back run; blending live vocalists, moving stages, indoor fireworks and acrobats into a grandiose spectacle, all to the tune of his exquisite musical selection. Now this whole experience can be re-lived with an exclusive inside-look at the making of the show.

Photo: Chelsea Werner

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