Flume has been keeping busy broadening the musical tastes of thousands on the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Tour. Apart from his track “Never Be Like You feat. Kai” hitting the #1 spot on the Australian singles chart, beating out Justin BieberAdele and some other massive pop stars, our favorite Aussie’s been premiering hordes of new material from the anxiously awaited Skin LP, and has complemented the fresh tunes with a new stage design that has us flummoxed.

Now that he has two Infinity Prisms (the center feature of his stage design since 2013), Flume is trying something new for his live show. Appropriately so, considering he’s calling the new album “headphone music.” The new stage design incorporates a series of conjoined cubes to form a box of illumination, and we’re dubbing it the Infinity Cube. It’s a curious evolution from the expressive prism design, and takes a cue from deadmau5′Cage” stage, but we can’t speculate much as we’ve never seen it in action. Regardless, we’ll trust those who’ve witnessed the Infinity Cube’s debut and reign in our anxiety until Flume brings it stateside. But guess what he’s doing with the old prism?

Apparently, Flume is keeping one for himself, putting it to apt use as a rave-ready coffee table. He’s also planning to keep the electronics plugged, making it the world’s raddest table, but he’s still got his worries. “I’m really concerned because it’s really sharp on the edges and I think I’m going to smash my leg on it or something.” Well, if it’s a problem, we’d be happy to take it for ourselves and save his legs the worry… Have a look at the new Infinity Cube below, and see what you make of the design.

(To see a snippet of the stage in action, skip to 0:52 on the video.)