TomorrowWorld’s Abandoned Festival Tents Are Sheltering The Homeless

TomorrowWorld’s Abandoned Festival Tents Are Sheltering The Homeless


We all remember the outrage surrounding the abysmal scene of TomorrowWorld’s abandoned tent cities, and Glastonbury’s wasteland has unfortunately become accepted as the norm. Even the most conscious festivals like Electric Forest have their fair share of garbage left behind by absentminded attendees. However, one charity thinks the vast ruins of consumer products are destined for something greater than a landfill.

Instead of seeing a land of waste, the folks at Sheltersuit see the above video as an abundance of raw material. Founded by Bas Timmer and Alexander de Groot, Sheltersuit takes abandoned festival gear and transforms the items into weather-resistant, wearable shelter for the homeless. The project has been made possible through the generosity of donors and the effort of volunteers, many of whom are Syrian refugees. The pieces were featured in Dutch Design Week, and for winter 2015/16, Sheltersuit provided over 2,500 suits to those in need.

Check out to learn more and see how you can help.

“The purpose of our foundation is to produce and distribute as many suits for the homeless who are sleeping outside during extreme cold weather. The Sheltersuit is a wind- and water-resistant jacket and sleeping bag, constructed of water repellent and insulating fabrics. All materials are provided by our generous donators. This suit can be transformed into a full-body sleeping bag. Due to the outstanding quality of the insulating materials, the wearers of the Sheltersuit are assured of warmth and safety during cold weather.”
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