Here Are The 5 Best Countries For EDM Fans

Here Are The 5 Best Countries For EDM Fans

The Hungry Partier is back again! Drew Goldberg has been raving around the globe for the past three years, and he’s out to share his knowledge of the best party spots. Sure, the U.S. is home to some of the world’s best nightlife, but he’s kept the list focused on the international scene. Here are his top 5 countries to rage face in:

1) South Korea

South Korea is a land of vibrant culture where inhibitions are thrown to the wind. Partially due to cheap rice liquor called soju, Drew claims that Koreans get down better than any other culture he’s encountered. One day we hope to check out the dance moves at Seoul’s nightclubs like Octagon, Ellui, Syndrome, and Mass.


2) Philippines

Drew has been to the Philippines four times, is about to return for a fifth, and has nothing but great things to say about its party scene. Particularly in Manila and Cebu, world-class DJs swing by on the regular to play out some of the most luxurious venues in the globe. If you go, be sure to check out Manila’s staples like Valkerie, Pool Club, and Chaos.

3) Netherlands

Obvious. The Dutch have been pumping out quality DJs since the beginning of dance music, and its scene is one of the most dedicated as a result. Trance, house, trap; you name it, they’ll rage to it. If you’re in town, Drew says to stop by Paradiso, Club NL, and Bitterzoet.

4) India

Dance music has been rising in India for some time now, and with recent tours from Skrillex, Major Lazer, and more, it’s only going to keep climbing. From beach raves in Goa to the world’s best psy trance, India hosts a dedicated music scene. Mumbai and Delhi are the next best places to go for a night out, with a few notable clubs being Blue Frog, Royalty, Trilogy, Tryst, and Hype.

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5) Sweden

Because Swedish House Mafia. But seriously, just like with Holland, there are so many top acts that come Sweden that there would have to be a thriving dance culture. Give Stockholm a chance and you’ll fall in love with the energized atmosphere. A couple nightclubs to set you on your way: Sturecompagniet, Hell’s Kitchen, Rose, White Room Laroy.
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