Life in Color’s Sebastian Solano Appointed CEO of ID&T: North America

Life in Color’s Sebastian Solano Appointed CEO of ID&T: North America


There’s finally some good news coming out of Camp SFX. The entertainment empire named Sebastian Solano, Founder & CEO of Life in Color, as the new CEO of ID&T North America/Made Event. Solano is responsible for Life in Color, the Miami-based company that began throwing extravagant paint parties across the US. After conquering the North American market, Solano expanded Life in Color to an international phenomenon in more than 40 countries.

He will continue to run the company while simultaneously managing ID&T and Made Events North American productions, which includes TomorrowWorld, Mysteryland, and Electric Zoo. SFX Entertainment hopes Solano will help bring the company out of the gutter and back into the good graces of dance music fans. Over the past few years these festivals have been stricken with missteps, with the most recent being the disastrous TomorrowWorld this past September. Since then, SFX and Robert Sillerman have struggled to keep the company afloat, as stocks and faith in the brand plummted to record lows.

At the same time Life in Color has shone brighter than ever, and will host Jack Ü, Steve Aoki, and a host of others for its hallmark Life in Color Festival in Miami this January. In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Solano revealed that it was an honor to work for the company that inspired Life in Color’s exponential growth over the past 10 years, and he hopes to bring back the positive atmosphere of ID&T and Made’s events.

Source: Billboard

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