What Do David Guetta And Kanye Expect From Hotels?

What Do David Guetta And Kanye Expect From Hotels?


As ravers, we don’t really expect more than a bed and shower in our hotel, nor do we need anything else, as we’d rather spend more time at the festival or club we traveled for instead of sleeping. But that couldn’t be farther from the expectations of music’s biggest artists. Sure they’ll ask for some extravagancies, but Mayan candles and magic eye serum aren’t what you’d expect.

When Jay-Z stays at a hotel, he doesn’t ask for much. Just that the room be at a temperate 71 degrees, three $80 Mayan tuberose-scented candles be ready and waiting, that hotel employees don’t ask for concert tickets, and that staff do their vacuuming away from his door. The hotel also needs to be safe for Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy. Breakable objects are a no-no, electrical outlets and sharp corners are to be covered, and organic whole milk needs to be stocked in the mini-fridge. Kanye West isn’t so family oriented when it comes to lodging, but we’ll see if that changes with a baby en route. Vases? Yeah, those need to be cylindrical. Towels? Better be black. Liquor? Thirteen specific bottles need to be chilled and ready for sippin’, including three bottles of Paradis Hennessy. Yeezy’s also got to have mint floss, Kashi Go Lean cereal and an out-of-production Genelecs 1031a speaker.

David Guetta is undeniably the dance equivalent of these two, citing the The Siam in Bangkok as his favorite hotel because “it is chic, inspired by the jazzy Art Deco era, but sumptuously modern. But Ibiza is my spiritual home—it’s been a place for people to express themselves for centuries, since the Roman days. It has a unique pulse.” He’s stayed quiet about vase requirements, but what keeps Mr. Guetta going? His favorite grooming product of course, Dr. Sebagh Supreme Eye Serum. Guetta says, “with so many late nights and flying every other day, it’s like a magic trick.” Sure, David.

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