Synymata Searches for Escape on Enrapturing Two-Tracker ‘Running Out / You Hurt Me’ on NIGHTMODE

Synymata makes a commanding return to NIGHTMODE with the double single release ‘Running Out / You Hurt Me,’ recruiting the talents of ODEA, Donna Tella, and Delaney Kai across both offerings. 

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Milwaukee-grown producer Synymata is following up last year’s NIGHTMODE label debut “Guilty” alongside songstress Elle Vee with his new moving two-tracker ‘Running Out / You Hurt Me.’ The lead single “Running Out” features dynamic bass artist ODEA and stellar singer-songwriter Donna Tella. The B-side “You Hurt Me” sees Synymata connecting with Delainey Kai for a gripping sonic adventure.

“Running Out” is a chilling but electric offering that has Synymata and ODEA exploring the realms of hardwave. Donna Tella’s breathy vocals drift over the icy introduction with a haunting allure. As her voice tightens, so does the production, creating an intimate slow dance that intensifies with punchy percussion. The drops are an eruption of emotion as dark synths soar over reverberating low-end. The vocals echo over the belting climax to amplify the impact. Moving from moody to overwhelmingly powerful, “Running Out” is a tidal wave of feelings that you’ll want to wash over you again and again.

 Continuing the sonic direction of the lead single, “You Hurt Me” pairs a captivating vocal performance from Vancouver-based Delaney Kai with masterfully mesmerizing production. Somber soundscapes provide the foundation for the emotive vocals. The lyrics “you hurt me” preface the drop and are looped and bent throughout. Gritty basslines and mind-melting sound design drive the aggressive drops that explore the pain in high definition. Sci-fi synths add a further depth while complementing the forward-thinking bass sound. Unbridled emotion and complex layers soundtrack the heartbreaking anthem. 

The EP explores many dark topics ranging from departing from heartbreak to feelings of loneliness. ‘Running Out’ focuses on the concept of time and how finite it is—and the importance of running out from under what’s holding you down. ‘You Hurt Me’ explores the concepts of being stuck in a place an individual doesn’t want to be anymore, but still deciding to ‘keep on hurting’ and continue to indulge in the individuals that don’t reciprocate the love that you long for. Together, these two songs paint the picture of an individual reflecting on their personal relationships and their life as a whole, all while longing for a way out.”—Synymata 

Synymata Bio

Synymata (Anthony Gomulka) has been making a name for himself in the bass music scene after several high-profile releases on NIGHTMODE, Heaven Sent, and Lost In Dreams, in addition to collaborations with artists with the likes of ARMNHMR and SLANDER. The future for Synymata is looking bright with a second recently announced SLANDER collab, which premiered together at Insomniac’s Countdown NYE festival on the mainstage. 2023 is looking to continue this trajectory with more show and music announcements in the works.


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