Zeds Dead and NGHTMRE “Frontlines” ft. GG Magree

Zeds Dead and NGHTMRE “Frontlines” ft. GG Magree

Zeds Dead have just released their new single “Frontlines” with NGHTMRE ft. GG Magree, out now via Deadbeats.

The single is released just ahead of their much anticipated debut album Northern Lights, due out this fall. The long-awaited debut album contains features from DiploElliphantPusha TTwin Shadow, JadakissRivers Cuomo, and more.

Zeds Dead is also about to embark on a Northern Lights Tour starting this month. For tour dates and ticket information, click here.


Reflecting on the track, Zeds Dead said:
“It was one of those crazy studio moments were everything just fell into place. We had already been sending this song idea back and forth with Tyler (NGHTMRE), mainly trying out different sounds and what not, then he came through and we all thought it deserved a vocal so we began testing out different ones that we had from previously scrapped ideas. That’s when Tyler got an email from a vocalist & DJ he had met on his Australian tour named GG MAGREE. The vocal wasn’t written to the song but when we tried it over it worked perfectly and took the track to a whole other level.”

“The chord progression for this track really stood out to me and I immediately wrote some ideas for vocal chops and arranged the tracks. A few months later we met up in LA and got in the studio to lock in the main idea and find a vocal. I originally pictured a track between us to be a bit heavier, but once we wrote these melodies and vocal chops I really fell in love with the emotion of the track.”